Mattering More

Today I want to share some thoughts on a different type of economy. We are consumers, so everyday we trade our currency for products and services that we want or need. There is another, more hidden economy that we interact with daily as well. Remember, we are people first. Matters of the heart and mind have a major impact on our happiness

Most people want to matter – to be relevant to others. Whether it be in a personal relationship, professionally, in the community, or anywhere else, being important to others is an important part of life. It’s in relationships where we can become most valuable.  There is typically a defined market when we are trading currency for goods or services. A dollar will only yield so much of a good. But what about the value of actions in personal relationships? How much more of a difference can kind actions deliver? 

The idea I am trying to share is that the most valuable gift we all have is ourselves. The way we live is our body of work. To be valued, we need to do things that deliver value to others. A while back I shared “Three Small Requests” to help leaders grow their influence. It was meant to ask them to slow down, put other peoples interests first, be more open to receive others gifts, and share your strengths with others that sure could use them. 

It’s hard to become a favorite of others without on-going efforts. Whether its in business where we work hard to become a clients favorite vendor partner, or in a personal relationship where we put our whole selves into becoming the one special person for another, a resilient commitment is required.

My hope is we all can do something today to help the sharing of gifts – to provide our own and to receive another’s. 

Good luck!