Stronger Connections

The potential of a team lies in its ability to work together cohesively. A less informed, less skilled team often beats a more informed, more skilled one that does not coordinate well. Just because you have the talent doesn’t mean you will win.

Companies sell products and/or services. If we look at the selling part of the business process, what we really are doing is communicating promises, expectations of the service. So selling is giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, and value. If all of this was left up to one person, look at how easy it is to fall short. But even if you are excellent at all of these, how many clients can you provide this to in an on-going way? Usually, hard as it may be to admit, is not much. If you find yourself challenging this, believing you can do all things well, you are probably the obstacle to your company performing better.

Refocusing energy spent on struggling through personal pride onto the reputation and performance of the group makes life better. We all have a current capacity, of which only a percentage of it is accessed. Though many things close the doors to this capacity, personal pride throws away the key.

When you are part of a group, personal positioning and reputation management are equivalent to an ulterior motive. Items that precede group success are the very items that undermine it. Finding ways to be part of the problem, as I shared in “The Bias of Neutrality, gains you access to the group. Remember, addressing challenges can be difficult, and often happens behind closed doors. To enter, you must have your priorities in order.

Good luck on finding your ways of making stronger connections to your group and replace personal pride with team pride. After all, its no fun climbing a difficult mountain and not having someone to high five about it.