Standing Corrected

With all of the mistakes and misunderstandings that happen every day, it’s pretty easy to spot the endearing trait of great leadership. Witnessing humility in action just seems to put me at ease. Seeing someone step into a situation and stand corrected takes great courage and a certain kind of humbleness. I respect these people more. Maybe its kind of oxymoronic that I trust a person more when they openly admit they were wrong.  In a funny way, sharing that they were wrong only helps me to trust them more to do something  right.

Great leaders ooze humility. Someone that improves their opinions by studying and searching out information coupled with perspectives of people that see things differently. Differing points of view are by their very nature contrary to each other. Managing these points of conflict well to find the best solution is the playground where great leaders score the winning basket.

One of my tests to see if people value my opinion is to see whether or not they ask for it. A different test is to see whether or not someone has what it takes to advance high on our corporate ladder is how frequently they stand corrected.

How often do I stand corrected? It’s a great self reflection question. Do I rationalize and skew information in effort to hide my shortcomings? These are the anchors that prevent great potential from rising above mediocrity. Sure there’s always time to change oneself. The expiring clock, however, ticks down the patience others have in waiting for you to come around.

It’s my hope that you are able to take a few minutes to find items where you have avoided standing corrected and restore faith in those you lead. Demonstrate some unexpected humility and restore people’s faith in you. Watch and see how a few the habit of humility can unwind so much angst, bitterness, and misunderstanding.

Good luck!