The Resicom Group optimizes facilities maintenance, renovation, and consulting services for existing retail stores. 

Our Optimized Approach To Facilities Maintenance. 


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Facilities Maintenance is on the cusp of shining brightly in the new dawn 
of retail, shedding it’s role as the compliance officer of marketing or the 
go-to place for financial savings. The adversity and change these folks 
have experienced has forged strengths in nimbleness, adaptability, and economy. These skills are quite handy for retail businesses aiming to stay relevant to customers.

As retailers strive to stay ahead of their customers’ ever changing needs, they will experiment with 
the in-store shopping experience, adapting it to better connect with shoppers. Beta tests and analysis 
will join roll-outs and planned maintenance as regular conversation topics.

Preserving functionality and appearance of stores will continue move towards planned visits. Vendor partners will continue to raise their performance level and adapt their services to meet their clients new needs.

Facilities will adjust their focus off of their internal customer 
and rightfully restore it unto the ultimate customer of the business.

Our Services:
Facilities Maintenance
Rollouts & Refreshes
Remodels & Renovations
R+D & Special Projects
Facilities Consulting Services


Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining the expectations of customers

  • On-Demand Maintenance
  • Bundled Services Programs
  • Leak Management
  • Documentation and Training


Advancing the expectations of customers

  • Data and Asset Capture
  • Refresh Programs
  • Rollouts, Retrofits
  • Remodels and Renovations
  • Prototyping and Beta Testing