Relocating a Client

Psychologists tell us besides death, divorce and a few other events, moving is one of the most stressful events we can go through. Now imagine you are the manager of a high profile franchise and you need to move your headquarters temporarily (or even permanently) all while you have to stay open for business. Can anything possibly make this process easier? Yes. Have your preventative maintenance company do it for you!

A relocation for retail clients should be seamless. To ensure the process is a fluid motion here is a timeline in the order events should happen:

14-16 Days Out

Before Move: Obtain all necessary documents from the retailer including the floor plan, POS needs, electrical needs, signage, fitting room area(s), etc.

12-14 Days Out:

Obtain all permits, insurance information and permission from mall management & local building departments.

A Week to 10 Days Out:

Begin work at the temporary or new location.

3 Days Out:

Audit work already done and complete punch list.

Day of Move:

Begin and complete move of all fixtures to new location.

Only once the move has had a few weeks to settle in should you dispose of any fixtures and marketing from temporary store (if there was one) and bring space to original condition.

It is important to stay on schedule to ensure there is time to allow for hick-ups. Keeping the mall or plaza informed and updated will serve us well. Good communication with all parties is key. A follow up call should be placed with mall security or maintenance to ensure all documentation is accounted for and work is cleared.