Fearless Communication

If you want to make an omelet you need to crack a few eggs. And sometimes its necessary to have hard conversations with people so there can be clear communication and good direction. You may need to muster some courage. Yet being brave does not mean you’re not nervous. There are many different personalities and some may not deal well with friction. But the world in which we live may be a better place if we could learn to have those hard conversations in positive ways– even if they are unpleasant. Here are some things you may want to keep in mind before having that hard conversation:


    • Be recipient minded: Remember who you are talking to and keep their point of view in your peripheral. You could go a long way by putting yourself in their shoes. But in order to do this you need to listen well.
    • Assume all parties have the common agenda of positive intent. If I am willing to not be offended (and yes, it is a choice) I can keep a clear mind and focus on the issue not the person.
    • Listen well and keep your cool. If I want to be heard I need to show the same respect to the person I am dealing with. I cannot listen well if I focus on a rebuttal as my partner is speaking. I may want to slow down so I can think my thoughts through and articulate well.
    • Keep the goal at the forefront of your mind. A resolution may not always be possible but you can work towards that end. Certainly the goal should never be to anger another person for the sake of getting someone angry. In work & personal relations it is best to operate under the guide of resolution.