Preparing for Transitions

The way we approach transitions directly correlates to how well they unfold. Resicom is evolving from success to the company that sets the trend. To make this transition, our options must change from the easily identifiable “right” and “wrong” options into dilemmas – choosing between “great” and “great” options. There are many connections between how strong our second option is and how successful our decision will be.

We need to spend less time making strategic decisions on items that are good or great, as these are easily solved. I want our leaders to spend their time dissecting two great options and figuring out how we can get the best parts of each of them into our decision. This requires a commitment to learn and understand multiple perspectives. It requires a mutual respect of others and their different points of view.

We have initiated the transitions necessary to structure the company in a way that fosters healthy growth. This era of change will present the biggest opportunity to learn we have ever had as a company. Our ability to capitalize on them is squarely dependent on our ability to approach situations with an open mind. Here is a quick Learning Matrix that outlines my point.

Learning Matrix




As you can see, approaching a changing environment with an open mind yields the biggest opportunity to learn. Embrace it.

Many experts struggle mightily during this period, as they may be out of practice of having an open mind – few things close a mind faster than believing you know it all.  Letting go of something they are great at to pursue something greater is an important passage in personal development, and is usually the most difficult one. Looking at the situation for what it truly is – a great learning environment – should help.

I am fully committed to working with all teams to ensure the transitions are achieved smartly.