Following Through for Success

Through one month of this important first quarter we’ve already made significant headway on our key initiatives – our new software solution will be live this month, a key person is focused on creating standards of care to better support our teams, and we have a transition plan in place to create a third home office team that integrates our CA group. Though there is plenty of work to do in these areas, we have sound action plans in place and are able to monitor their progress.

There are other initiatives that either need action plans or people to actively complete tasks associated with them. These stalled items need to move forward so the company can move forward. I will be meeting with the sponsors of each of these initiatives to help them build momentum.

Recently, we have discussed “mutual respect” and creating environments to learn and how they are critical to our growth – it empowers people, improves our options, and connects the team to our common goals. Another important part to achieving our growth plans is transparent accountability. Over the past year we have marched away from the fears of interrogative questioning that are endured emotionally. I want us to continue our journey towards working “with” one another and responsibly accomplishing our goals.

How we follow-through changes the way our story will be told. Will it be one where we look back and dream about what could have been? Or will it be one where we reminisce with joy about what we were able to accomplish. Its up to us.

I will continue to help set the trend by developing, evolving, and protecting the ways we follow through on our plans.