Ignorance is a choice

The internal battle between pride and truth often ends in a way that a sound mind wishes was different. Today I am expanding on “Are your actions justified or are you justifying your actions”. Too many times clear evidence is disregarded and learning is lost, keeping these people ignorant. This is a very real risk, especially during transition. I hope to help you find opportunities to limit these risks for yourself.


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The truth has a way of changing people’s mind. Most of my frustrations grow when people continue to create the same type of challenge over and over, even though there is so much evidence present from which to learn.  Much evidence is ignored by the ignorant. They make snap decisions and are quick to raise their defenses to try and protect doing things the same way, even though its so clear that those methods do not work as needed.

Ignorance is a choice. We’ve all watched the lawyer/detective shows where the detectives are on the hunt for evidence. They turn over every stone to piece together the truth to prosecute the offenders. Some episodes even try to re-enact real life and show the struggles that some detectives have with the truth, especially when they believe the accused is guilty and there is not enough evidence to support their theory. Sometimes they struggle to the point of crossing the line of breaking the law themselves to manipulate or discard evidence, all in effort to ensure conviction. 

The drama builds as the their disregard of the law starts to receive scrutiny. Invariably there is a hearing where the detective who violated the law feels justified and outwardly arrogant, and the partner is carrying the emotional burden of being asked to lie to protect a partner’s reputation, or uphold their bigger responsibility of doing right for the people of the city that he has sworn to protect. Not many people would volunteer to be in that position. 

An amazing part of this to me is that the detective who broke the law, who usually has a history of graying the lines between complying/breaking the law, has enjoyed some “success” in getting convictions. They can even get to the point of believing this is just part of what they need to do to be successful. For the hearing, they actually expect their partner to lie for them, not realizing the impact they are having on them.

The other part is that when this happens, sometimes the original criminal gets the charges against them dropped.  So the very reason why the detective broke the law has backfired completely and damaged their reputation, relationships, and the integrity of their department. How can they possibly believe this is the course of action to take? The small mindedness of justifying one’s actions is like the ticking time bomb of one’s career.

How can we treat situations like an itch that only the truth can scratch? Pay attention to different perspectives, they see things you cannot. You cannot “will” the past to be different. You can, however, take the evidence and truth of the past and use it to become a better version of yourself. 

I wish authority came with a label. Mine would include:
Warning!: If you cant recognize the lines that you’ve grayed, the ticking may about to come to an unpleasant end.

Learn. Apply. Evolve.

Good Luck!