Speed, Unity, and Efficiency

To be nimble, quick to respond, and efficient to deliver services requires unity. To raise expectations, we need free ourselves from the ropes of sand that hold us back. They make look strong, but upon further examination, these bonds are easy to break.

History is clear – I am more likely to fall short when I attempt too much. Lets not be hobbled by doubts.  Actively remove responsibilities and get them into the hands of others that want to be focused on them. John Rockefeller was focused on the administrative side of his business – his people, the accounting, and the expansion of his company’s reach and products. His mantra was that every person’s job was to teach it to someone else. In a fast growing company that wants to decentralize management that allows many to grow to new heights, we need to use the same mindset. 

A convenient justification for falling short is “I didn’t have enough time” or “I could have done better if I would have focused on it”. The simple, logical explanation one provides often blocks a necessary probe into why something failed. My response is “Why did you take it on if you weren’t going to focus on it?” If the probe stops at the initial question, then the person succeeded in conning the anchor of mediocrity to stay wrapped around his own neck a while longer.

Don’t let your advancement be blocked by unnecessary mediocrity carrying distractions. Internal politics, egos, and other related misaligned, insecurity issues have been the downfall of many. Actively work to avoid this statistic.

Good Luck!