Reducing Risks to Raising Your Potential

Internal battles with change are much like the bar fights of old westerns – everyone is disrupted, all kinds of things are broken, and many people are injured. The major difference is the visibility, or openness of the damage done. Its easy to see the physical damage done during the bar fight, so its easy to see what needs to be repaired. The internal battle may cause you to lay an invisible minefield where any number of things can trigger their explosion. Planting them well can make it difficult to go back and remove them, meaning one of your well hidden bombs may very well end up being the very ones that destroy your own plans.

This risk should prompt us to work together more – understanding we all need to grant and receive forgiveness. Diffusing situations before they become imbedded into the landscape. Respect each other enough to ask for the perspective of others and care enough to provide a danger report of the risks you can see the other approaching. This is the elephant in most every room.

Its simple for all to see physical damage. Hone your skill of “seeing” the hidden damage. Much like the pursuit of uncommon sense, overcoming these ingrained habits may be tough, but doing so will unlock the next level of your potential.

Please reduce the risk to raising your potential by considering the minefields you’ve recently laid and go diffuse them while you still have the installation guide.