Ready For Back To School?

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More Importantly,  Are the Fitting Rooms Ready for Back to School Shoppers?

Its almost time for that hectic shopping season, not the holidays (don’t worry, you still have a few more months to prepare for that), we’re talking about back to school shopping. Shopping lists have been made and parents are already mapping out which stores they’ll visit first.

Stores can endure some heavy foot traffic during back to school shopping and much like kid’s wardrobes, your facility might need a minor makeover.

Have you made a check-list to prepare your facility?

No? Don’t panic, here’s a list of easy fixes that will be sure to make your store stand out from the rest.

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Hooks/Hinges Secure

Hooks and hinges will loosen over time with wear.  Make sure they’re fastened tightly and securely.

ADA Compliance

Ensure benches in the ADA fitting rooms are fastened securely.

Lighting In Fitting Rooms

Your customers want to look their best on the first day of school and every day.  Make sure your store is illuminated in all the right places. Don’t forget about behind those fitting room mirrors!

Floors Cleaned

Whether your facility has carpet, wood or tile flooring, a cleaning is a quick and easy way to provide a sanitary environment for your clients.

Paint Touched Up

Dull, dingy walls can create a negative impression. A paint touch up can brighten your store and enhance the client experience.

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