Making a Difference

It’s amazing how much you have to do with what happens to you. Reading about or noticing ways to make a difference – do you seize them? Do you help others find their way, their success? There are limits to folks flying solo. 

T ogether
E ach
A ccomplishes
M ore. 

Do you go looking for the errors in people? If so, you’ll find them. And you’ll be known as the person that finds errors in people. Do you look for the talents and greatness in others? If so, imagine what you’d find. Imagine how many people have overlooked someone else’s greatness because they were too busy finding faults. Imagine how the person who was consistently overlooked would feel knowing that someone has spotted their specialness. Imagine the potential impact of this feeling for everyone involved.  

It’s not about memorization and replication. It’s not about taking exactly the same steps others have taken. Your greatest asset is yourself. Imitating someone else’s greatest asset lessens your potential. Using your greatest asset to its strengths takes you places. Think about greatest of artists. Their works are so different than other great artists’ handiwork. Their creations look nothing alike, but they all revealed a point of view that was profoundly communicated through their art. Their use of balance, light, and colors is unexpectedly right. It creates the artists paradox – how could someone have possibly made this, versus how in the world could it not have been made? Is something too good to be possible, or so good that it needs to be possible?

Life is funny like that. There are so many meaningful insights we hear and see. Its our job to find them, to help them move forward, to use them in a way that makes an impact on others. Part of being the best version of ourselves is to make the biggest impact in other people’s lives. Help other people dream bigger. Actively share your strengths with them.  Help them pursue and accomplish these dreams and your life’s garden will be bountiful.

Once something is learned, it remains meaningless until used. I hope you take a couple of moments and think about the people around you. Think about what is great about them. Take the time to notice them. Acknowledge them. Respect them. Be the person that reminds them that they matter and you too shall matter. 

Good luck!