Leaders Need Diversity in Experience

People tend to cling to the identity that made them successful. The longer someone stays in a role, the better they may become at it. Over time, though, this experience can become the very element that stifles their progress. Eventually the challenges change and if one continues to base their strategy on past successes, they may find their star falling.

As a person rises in their authority or responsibility, their challenges must successfully transition from project challenges to people challenges. Being able to get something done oneself is great when they are working on a part of something larger. When you are in charge of something larger, most items need multiple minds working on it, so the ability to “make it happen” alone diminishes.

Repeating the same narrow range of experiences does not prepare a leader for their new challenges. So even if you have success, it does not mean you are prepared for what your role may have in store for you. Look for opportunities to diversify your experience and achieve whats possible.