Emotional Intelligence

If a leader has a hard time connecting with his team he or she may need a lesson in social intelligence. Is it possible to achieve a “brain connectedness” with someone–to feel what they are feeling? And why is that important? When it comes to social intelligence, science says it is important and can be a learned skill.

Social intelligence (or People Skills) describes the exclusive human capacity to navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments.  In other words  Social Intelligence is the ability to get along well with others, and to get them to cooperate with you. How this works is the brain is peppered with neurons that mimic or mirror behavior of another human being that is being observed. When we see someone exhibiting emotions we tend to mimic the emotions as well. Scientists have seen this phenomenon at work in primates. Instantly this creates a shared experience and builds a bond. Connection with an audience, connection with an employee, connection with a family member, all can have a great impact on our relationships. They will experience real scientific connectedness and the leader will build influence.

This can be a powerful tool in developing genuine and sincere relationships. We will experience positive feelings in ourselves and with the people we need to cooperate with and need support from.