EIFS is Going to the Birds

What could possibly go wrong when it comes to EIFS? An economical, beautiful and easily created exterior, it is both practical and easily maintained, weatherproof . . . but it is going to the birds–literally.  Birds love to nest in EIFS because it provides them with a warm home. Because EIFS is made of insulation board and fiberglass birds can easily take it apart & create a nest in it. And where there are birds there are bird dropping. And noise. And the potential for some messy mishaps. Birds even carry the potential of zoonosis diseases. To avoid this all together would be the best option.


Even if you were to rid yourself of our feathered friends, they may return if they are migratory birds. This means our bird friends will be back each year if they find a place suitable for their home. But the inside of our clients exterior walls is not the place we want birds to find refuge. What is a preventative maintenance company to do?


Of course there is always a bee bee gun. But this may create a bigger mess and (not to mention) is inhumane–not an option. But here are a few better ideas we have come up with:

-Noise makers to deter birds

-A Sticky substance that deters birds is called Ropel. This deterrent has no odor but is very  unpleasant to birds as they do not like the feel or taste of it.

-Mesh or screen in inconspicuous areas could help

-Needle Strips are great in tight areas especially when pigeons are the problem.


Lets stay on good terms with our feathered friends. And the environment. And the bird societies of the world.