Dealing with an Angry Person

You can picture the scene: One person’s anger is causing their face to turn red, you see their blood start to boil and smoke coming out of their ears. What can you do to keep the peace?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with someone who is overcome with anger:

One persons anger cannot jump across the room and get you.  You can remain calm in the midst of a conflict. Yes, you do have a choice.

Remember, it actually shows greater strength to stay calm in the crux of a confrontation than to give full vent to your anger. As the proverb goes, “Greater is he who can control his temper than he who can conquer a city”.

It may be that a resolution cannot be found. It is perfectly acceptable to agree to disagree in a respectful manner.


Psychologists will tell you being quick tempered is a sign of unresolved anger or immaturity. It is possible if you are dealing with an angry person that the root of their anger does not lie with you. Showing grace in these situations will serve everyone well. This does not mean we should be a “doormat”. I can remove myself from an abusive situation, certainly. It is a good thing to set boundaries. But equally important is to try to live at peace with each person as much as it is up to you.