Building Mutual Respect – Part 1

Well, at least our quarterly meetings are like good television – some humor, some suspense, some tears, a bit of drama, and a whole lot of progress!  The evolution of the way we approach the different timeline horizons for account and service development, evolution, and protection will yield success. Our company thrives when we turn something into a system with clear expectations. Though the road to getting to that point has been rocky at times, we have identified where some of those rocks form.

This year begins the clearest way of communicating about our company. We help buyers raise their expectations, helping them make their brand better. It requires interaction of people with a mutual respect of those with a different focus and point of view. We must seek out diverse perspectives when solving important situations. Asking someone for their point of view communicates respect for the person, helping to cement the trust between people as well. Asking for help is a great thing.

Leadership skills are built through experiences – adverse and diverse. Personal and professional. The combination of all of these give us our base of resiliency and knowledge. So though some of our experiences require a lot of mental endurance, we will all be better off for it. So addressing our system challenges, finding ways to align our message, and demonstrating mutual respect towards others will help us achieve more.

I now go through my open list of projects looking for ways to bring in different perspectives.  I encourage you to do the same.

I look forward to participating in the progress.