Become Your Company’s Favorite Employee

The company’s goal of becoming other people’s favorite client/vendor/employer continues to be a guide for our processes. Coupling this with mutual respect for one another has prompted great improvements already, and these successes are creating the momentum we need to carry us further. Our potential continues to grow and many opportunities are being unlocked. Many more will open up as each of us work towards becoming the company’s favorite person in our individual roles.

None of our roles are exact duplicates of another. Though some have similar responsibilities, they are with different clients, teams, etc. So we each have a unique role in the company, giving us an individual opportunity to shine. Building out activities and accomplishments expected for each role, broken down by each person supports success.

Some roles are easier to measure according to activities completed. Others through accomplishment, and still others through what is avoided. All roles have elements of all three. Much like becoming someone’s favorite client, becoming your company’s favorite employee requires accountability, forthrightness, and achievement.

How can you develop, evolve, and protect being the company’s favorite employee for your role?