Are You Ready?

Better Still, Are Your Stores Ready For The Holiday Season? Time Is Running Out…

With Back to School wrapped up and Halloween in motion it will soon be time to prepare for the busiest season of all, the Holidays!

We know it is only September, but believe it or not, shoppers are already starting their holiday shopping and before you know it, it is going to be Black Friday. We want to help you make sure your facilities are prepared for the hectic times that come with holiday shopping.

Your stockroom is almost as important as your Sales Floor when it comes to the Holiday Season.

With all the merchandise coming in and going out to the floor as well as the added employees during the holidays, we want to help make sure your stockroom is safe and up to code. Here are some easy fixes for your facilities that will take some stress off:

Fire Codes Violations

  • Are the Floors Properly Taped for Safe Exits?
  • What’s the Expiration Date on your Fire Extinguishers?
  • When’s the Last Time the Detex Batteries Were Changed?

Storage and Shelving

  • Do You Have Enough Shelving?
  • Are All Shelving Units Secured For Heavy Loads?
  • Do The Rolling Racks And Carts Work Properly?


  • Is The Plumbing Working Properly For Increased Staff Usage?
  • Do You Need Temporary Shelves In The Bathroom?
  • Are The Restrooms Signs ADA Compliant?

Whether it’s store inspections or fixes, we’re here to help.

Contact us today.