Ambitious Advancement of Expectations

As providers of construction services in an industry buffeted by disruption, I have learned, and re-learned our opportunity lies in our ability to advance. How we deliver our services matters. The expectations set by the client are too often called “goals“. This is the part where excellence becomes elusive.

Our clients’ expectations are NOT goals. They represent the minimum. My role in the company demands that I build a strategy that is executable. Sure it would be nice to set all kinds of goals that look great on paper, but if nobody can meet them then what good are they? Therefore my expectations must be accomplishable. 

In other words, my expectations represent the minimum acceptable level. This is universal – whether you are a manager, a leader, a client – anyone who needs  others to help them be successful in accomplishing their goals. We all face challenges in finding people who are willing and able to be ambitious with our expectations. These ambitious people and companies can raise our expectations and separate themselves from their peers and competition. These are the ones who advance.

In drawing our business blueprint, this mindset becomes clear. Our structure is built on  providing a consistently excellent level of work through services that are inherently disruptive. The customers of our clients are growing hypersensitive to the “in-store” shopping experience, so advancing the way these “disruptive” services are provided is required for us to stay relevant. 

We intentionally pursue working in “live-store” environments. This niche needs uncommon sense solutions.  Finding uncommon sense requires a level of discipline to learn and the humility to re-learn swiftly changing needs. 

To stay relevant, we need to ambitiously pursue our clients’ expectations. Keep learning. Stay humble. Keep advancing. 

Good Luck!