A Trait that Goes a Long Way

Want to know the trait that can increase business?  Its a human trait that even animals display. Its empathy. Whether you are dealing with customers, technicians, family members, acquaintances, friends or associates, empathy is a trait that can make human bonds strong and make life worth living. It will behoove us to harness empathy to strengthen our work relationships. It will help us to influence others. Empathy can help us align with an important business customer and serve us well in building relationships and in turn, building business. Empathy can make you creative, gives you the ability to cultivate curiosity about strangers, challenges our pedju dices, and reinforces positive relationships.


The definition of empathy is the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another.  It may be something we are born with but some people naturally have more empathy than others. If we suppress empathy the drive will be to become narcissistic, materialistic, aggressive and the like. Empathy expressed connects us with others and shows our humanness. It may be time to walk a mile in someone else shoes!