Perception is reality ?

Its been said that when we don’t like people on a personal level it is because we feel they do not like us. Whether this is a reality or simply a perceived reality, can you see how that may be true?

Robert Wright is an author, journalist, accomplished scientist and regular speaker on Wright believes we have a moral obligation to show kindness to those that show disdain for us. By doing this he hopes to help all of humanity. If we can relate to the experience of another culture, foreign people, alien, enemy, etc. we can build bridges. To understand why people do what they do we are doing a morally redeeming accomplishment because we relate their experience to ours. And in turn, may help them not to hate us.

Can you see how this might benefit someone in the business field? If we are secure enough in who we are it is possible to show kindness to even those who have contempt for us. It is possible to take the higher moral ground even when we do not feel like it. We cannot let our feelings dictate how we act because our feelings deceive us all the time. We would fare well if we could let what we know to be true drive the bus and tell our feelings to sit in the back seats.